• Changing consumer habits, intensifying online competition, demographic change – the list of challenges for offline retailers is getting longer. In this environment it is not only important to set the right course but also to swiftly implement the necessary measures to have an impactful response.

    Here we come into play: B&P Bergmannpartners provides you with the holistic management of your store portfolio. We take on all responsibilities around your store portfolio, giving you a faster, better and cheaper service than you can achieve internally. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional – with us.

    Why B&P?
    • We are a part of your organization. Directly connected to you via a modern cloud-based IT it feels like we are almost sitting in your office.
    • Our engagement is immediately Cash Flow effective for you. We strive to maximize your profitability and to provide you with a whole new level of organizational flexibility.
    • We do not only develop solutions but we also implement them in practice and measure our success by the visible results.
  • If you want to successfully lease and manage retail spaces nowadays, you need to do more than just to publicize your offer. You need to have a detailed understanding of the retail landscape and Real Estate market, have an excellent network in the industry and have the necessary negotiations skills to make great deals.
    No matter if it is a Shopping Center or on the High Street – every asset requires an exact and individual leasing concept and tenant strategy. Our many years of in-depth experience in the German-speaking markets makes us the right partner for your endeavor to achieve outstanding results for your assets.
    The time is ripe that your asset is leased with concept and passion!
    How can we help you?

    How can we help you?
    • We provide you with the necessary overview of possible solutions through a detailed analysis of the catchment area and the competitive environment of your assets.
    • We create feasibility studies for your assets taking into account all related cost positions.
    • We swiftly execute the identified measures in practice. We are convinced of our abilities and therefore partner with you on a success-based compensation scheme.
  • The retail environment is changing at a rapid pace. Successful retailers maintain their competitive advantage by remaining lean and agile. They are not willing to expend the time and resources to operate costly and inflexible internal functions for managing store portfolios.
    So why not use the full power of an external administration if you can greatly save cost and time, while gaining significant flexibility? We offer you the holistic management of your entire store portfolio. We are directly connected to your organization via our modern cloud-based IT, so you will not even realize that we are not sitting in your office.

    Focus on what you are good at – your business – and leave the rest to us.

    Why us?
    • We are experienced portfolio management experts. Our work satisfies highest expectations in precision and quality.
    • We take responsibility for your entire store portfolio and generate revenue for you by exploiting previously untouched assets, like ancillary cost controlling.
    • Automated processes with our specialized cloud IT “CIMT” enable us to work at a very high quality level while keeping your costs low and flexible.
    • Neu- und Nachvermietung der Flächen.
  • Our cloud-based SaaS solution CIMT is the best software on the market for managing your store portfolio. Unlike other solutions, CIMT has beenspecifically programmed from the point of view of a retailer and not only covers all possibly existing contractual content, but also provides easy and impactful processes to facilitate cooperation of your expansion, Real Estate management, administration, accounting and sales department.

    But the best of all is: the program is lean, focused, and not an intrusive, expensive overall enterprise ERP solution. CIMT comes at very low costs and with full functionality. We do not want to provoke complex IT projects, but to give you a powerful, fast and ready tool!

    Why CIMT?
    • With CIMT you will never again have problems with crazy Excel sheets and missed deadlines.
    • CIMT was developed by experienced retail professionals and therefore exactly facilitates all relevant internal processes.
    • CIMT is offered as a SaaS-Solution, relieving your internal IT. No installation or updates are necessary and only with CIMt you are online within not longer than a week.
  • 90% of the leading brick-and-mortar retailers still make their decision for the exact location of store based primarily on experience and gut-feeling. Ask yourself honestly: “How exactly do I really know the key success factors for a sustainably profitable location for my retail concept?“

    We can help you shed light on your portfolio data and to greatly enhance your profitability. Based on Big Data techniques analyzing thousands of KPIs we can, for example, determine your individual success factors for an individual store micro-location in detail. We provide you with the instruments to make data-based decisions outside the realms of hope and gut-feeling – for a single location or for an entire portfolio.

    Comprehend your expensive decision before you make them.

    What do we offer?
    • Full-scae store clustering based on an array of relevant retail KPIs.
    • Development of Scoring Models to allow for data-based decision-making.
    • Detailed White-Spot analyses for all retail micro-locations in the German-speaking markets.
    • Full pre-merger due diligence and post-M&A integration support.
  • Retailers that want to be successful in a fierce competitive environment must create an outstanding brand experience in their stores. The store interior design must effectively convey their brand identity and value proposition. At the same time the costs for construction and maintenance should nonetheless also remain manageable.

    We develop in close consultation with you a modular store concept that deserves this name. Store-interior design, construction and technology are closely coordinated and follow the principle of „Design to Cost“. Modularity that starts in the design-process, a detailed performance image that leaves no requirement aside, and a broad supplier tender ensures high savings on the investment side and an attractive “Look & Feel”.

    What do we offer?
    • Development of your modular store interior-concept, satisfying all technological, design and maintenance expectations.
    • Design of detailed call for tender documents and international execution.
    • Analysis and optimization of your construction processes from contract negotiation until actual implementation of the shop-design.



How we helped a retailer bring its existing and working concept to new regions and markets.

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