B&P Bergmannpartners launches GERRY WEBER’s store portfolio

01.07.2019 – Following the bankruptcy and subsequent takeover by two financial investors, B&P Bergmannpartners brings a breath of fresh air into the Halle-based fashion group GERRY WEBER. Since the beginning of June 2019, B&P has been responsible for the implementation of the restructuring plan at around 150 locations in Germany. The main focus is on optimizing profitability and implementing short-term rents in line with market conditions and flexible contractual conditions.

Moritz Koenig, a partner of B&P Bergmannpartners, sees CIMT’s own IT solution as central to the project: “CIMT is the first portfolio management cloud to accurately record all KPIs for locations. This data-driven approach allows us to find sustainable solutions for sites that incorporate all parameters of macro and micro-locations.” In concrete terms, this means the collection, processing and evaluation of data on lease, location and profitability in one application. “In the retail sector, location parameters have so far been valued with gut feeling”, continues Moritz Koenig. “We offer objective access and reliable statements based on concrete data.”

Due to the tight schedule of the insolvency law it is not only about the quality of implementation but also speed. B&P was able to convince through its regional principle, which provides real estate managers locally in all regions of Germany. Georg Ludwig Eisenhauer, Partner at the Düsseldorf office of B&P: “The regional principle not only enables us to quickly implement location strategies, but also allows a professional exchange with the landlords on site. In this way, we create trust between our client and the landlords and find the solution that is fair for both parties. ”

Since its foundation two years ago, B&P has positioned itself as one of the key players in the real estate management of retailers and currently manages the store portfolio of various well-known international retailers in Germany and abroad.


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