B&P offers retailers quick and uncomplicated help during the crisis

19.03.20 – The already difficult situation for brick-and-mortar retail has resulted in a real struggle for survival in recent days. Missing customer frequencies and temporary forced closings as a result of the containment measures threaten the existence of many retailers.

In order to absorb the decrease on the earnings side, actions on the cost side are necessary. Rent, as one of the largest cost items, offers a lot of potential for renovation activities that will help to withstand the crisis. Instead of legal disputes, however, constructive discussions with the landlord should be sought in order to find a partnership-based consensus that transfers the idea of ​​solidarity to the tenancy.

In this crisis, B&P helps quickly and easily to secure the existence of the store portfolio in these stormy times. With a team of retail professionals and a finger on the pulse of the retail, B&P is well prepared for this task.


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